Architectural Photography



Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

Image altered to add clouds, correct distortion, and remove trash from lawn.

The Tate House is a good example of the post production work that can improve a photo. Clouds were added and telephone lines were deleted. The final photo was rendered in a Watercolor technique..

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It's often difficult to photograph a building under perfect conditions. Retouching is used to improve and correct photos when necessary.  No additional charge for basic retouching.
This is a 15-shot panorama promoting the art district of downtown Marietta, GA.

The Standly House was rendered in a Watercolor Technique.

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These Before & After images demonstrate the effects that can be achieved
with the skillful manipulation in Photoshop.
        Beautiful home rendered in a watercolor technique,      clouds added.

Sample of Light Painting technique. This photo is a composite of 10 photos superimposed to achieve the effect.