If you're like most companies, you may be looking for a competitive edge for your marketing efforts…video marketing can give you the edge.
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According to a Wharton School of Business study, you can increase the impact of your advertising message by 50% and expedite buying decisions by 72%.  The study found that three times as many people will request a video over printed information, and six times more will respond to an offer made on video.

A DVD, mailed to a prospect, can generate more response than a television spot at a fraction of the cost.

Other uses for video: Website marketing, training, direct mail, trade magazine inserts, annual reports, new product introductions, trade show and in-store presentations, video press releases, OSHA safety training.

Ask us about the new blockbuster
Viral Video phenomenon
that is burning up the social network sites like YouTube and Facebook.


Video Marketing Tips

Demo version of a new product introduction
of an omnivan, Pre-Pak Vending Truck
manufactured by Equipment Innovators.

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