Website videos increase conversion rates.

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Reasons for Producing
a Marketing Video

There are many reasons you should consider using video technology as a marketing tool.

Faster Buying Decision:
Sales videos reduce the sales cycle. Major business schools agree that video speeds up buying decisions. Video delivers what prospects need to know - even if the video results in questions, those questions will be explicit and to the point, speeding up the sales process.

Novelty: Market studies on sales videos show that nearly everyone given a DVD will view it at one point or another - even if only out of curiosity.

Curiosity is a powerful tool..
If you have a video on your website, it will hold visitors on your site 40% longer than a site without a video.

Retention: Modern society
is used to receiving visual information. Text can be skimmed. Video captures attention and holds it better than any other medium - especially as most people receive information via television or the Internet.

Walk-On Videos are new video marketing tools -- it's the next best way to make a personal presentation.

     Viral Video Marketing
         Is Spreading Fast

Viral video refers to the spread of a video clip across the Internet, in much the same way that a virus propagates. An amateur home video uploaded to YouTube can conceivably reach a huge audience overnight, as viewers forward the video to friends, talk about the clip in forums, and chat rooms.

Many top brands are leveraging viral video to gain exposure and create a unique brand experience.

Viral videos can stimulate word
of mouth, and potentially reach a large audience for a much lower cost than traditional media.

Effective viral videos are usually funny, shocking, informative, or extremely creative, providing viewers with an extremely impacting and memorable connection with your brand.

Now, it is far more likely that a coworker or friend will be talking about a funny video that they saw on YouTube rather than a print ad that they saw in a magazine.

Online videos can increase conversion rates

The use of online videos have become an important sales tool for many progressive companies.

Why Video - what are the advantages?

Seeing is believing - videos will convincing demonstrate features and benefits - critical in any sales presentation.

The key question: What is the average conversion rate? The answer is difficult because of several reasons that I want attempt to answer in the short article.

A ballpark estimate ranges from 0.5% to 8% with the average rate being 2.3% according to FireClick statistics - with the rapid growth of Video Marketing, this estimate is changing daily.

Although immediate conversions are desirable, you will probably be best served with videos that create inquires and credibility for your brand.

       Why original music?

Music sets the tone of the video. A film without an underscore loses much of its impact.

Imagine the shower scene in Psycho without those screeching violins . . . . or the love scenes between Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara with no lush, swirling strings to help bring on the tears.

Music speaks to the core of our humanness in a way that text, speech, and images cannot.

Music composed specifically
for your video will send precisely the message you intend. Our composer, Ben Champion, will be there to guide you every step of the way to create exactly the right music for your video. From conception to "in the can" he will be your consultant to answer any and all questions you might have.

We can use real musicians
or synthesized instruments.
Pro-Video Productions works with some of the finest musicians Atlanta has to offer.

Give us a call - we'll help you make a decision on the benefits of original music.

       Are customer testimonial effective?

Customers testimonials are powerful endorsements and should be included in your promotion material - especially in your website video promotions.

With video you can have real people (not actors or celebrities) express their candid opinions about your product or service. Real people convey credibility.

Delivery is important - the idea is to keep it real.
You do not want your Customer's testimonials to sound scripted or too professional. Believability
is more important than a polished presentation.

Your customer should give specific examples not generalities about their experience with your company.

Customer testimonies offer a method to overcome buyers' fear, doubt, and uncertainty by providing a third party validation of your business.

A Nielson Company report stated that "A recommendation by someone remains the most trusted source of information…" 78% of respondents
said they trusted the comments of other consumers.