Walk-on videos are fairly new; they are an extremely effective way to engage your visitors with a "one-on-one" presentation that is much more effective than a text message.

We all live in a visual world that appreciates a short to the point video sales message.

When you use a walk-on video, your audience will be more open to to your sales message. They will be less likely to "bounce" from your site, because they will be attracted by the "personal" contact created by your walk-on video..

Your walk-on video may be used
to greet visitors or promote a new service or announce a special price.


Keep in mind,
you are the best Spokesperson for your company.
We can help you create a walk-on video to tell your story while
adding impact
to your website
increasing sales.

Production Fees

The rates vary depending on the length of the video, and who provides the Spokesperson - you are us.

For example, a 30 to 45 second video taped on location -- $455
Includes HTML coding, FLV Conversion, and all supporting files necessary to publish to your website.

If we provide the Spokesperson add $145.
(Includes unlimited use for your website or on a Social Network like YouTube)


Walk-on videos make a "personal" contact
with visitors to your website.


If you want us to prepare Cue Cards for your presentation add $25

If you want us to write the script using your notes and input add $50

If you would like to produce more than one walk-on video contact us for special rate.




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