Videos allow you to make a person-to-person contact
with your customers and prospects.




Video Marketing




Reasons for Producing
a Marketing Video

Three important reasons you should consider using video as a marketing tool.

Retention: Modern society is used to receiving visual information. Text can be skimmed. Video captures attention and holds it better than any other medium - especially as most people receive information via television or the Internet.

Faster Buying Decision: Sales videos reduce the sales cycle. Major business schools agree that video speeds up buying decisions. Video delivers what prospects need to know - even if the video results in questions, those questions will be explicit and to the point, speeding up the sales process.

Novelty: Market studies on sales videos show that nearly everyone given
a DVD will view it at one point or another - even if only out of curiosity.

Curiosity is a powerful tool:
If you have a video on your website, it will hold visitors on your site 40% longer than a site without a video.

Video Services

Production services include:

Concept develpment, script writing, on-camera talent,
video taping and editing, and uploading to your website or the Social network of your choice.

Corporate Videos: New Product Introductions • Training
Direct Mail • Website Marketing • Video Annual Reports
Viral Marketing.• Customer Testimonials

Original Music • Music Videos • Video Annual Reports
Video Resumes

Weddings • Parties • Family Reunions • Retreats




Video Samples

Ashley Inn - Charleston

GB's Stable

Henderson Aviation

J. King Artworks


Wine Market

Renasant Bank Walk-On Video











Walk-On Videos