Photography is a very important part of your website presentation. Next to your room rates, the quality of your photography is critical in the purchase decision.

Today, most B&B Inns have good photography, so what can you add to your Website to give you the competitive advantage?

Consider these Ideas:

Videos allow you to make
a "personal" contact with someone searching for a
B&B Inn.

Also, consider updating your photography with panorama views of your rooms and public areas.

Plus, exterior watercolor renderings create a color quality that cannot be achieved with regular photography.


Photography Rates
(Barter Package)

I'm open to a barter arrangement for part cash and room nights.

Normally it takes two days* to photograph 12 to 15 shots of the rooms and public areas and the exterior shots of the Inn.

Plus another 25+ hours of post production editing which includes the watercolor rendering of the exterior photo.

My fee for the above work: $250 cash and
3 or 4 room nights.

Add $225 for a 2 to 3
minute video.

Standard Rates
(without Barter)

Photography: $45 per hour + travel expenses.
Video: 2 to 3 minutes
Contact for special

* Panorama photography requires more time than standard photography.

Click on image for larger view.

Watercolor rendering of Tybee Island Inn


Bed & Breakfast Inn Photography